You're Crazy brain book Dr Kevin Conners

I’ve had the privilege of working with one of the most well-known alternative, holistic health practitioners in the mid-west (and the country.) Dr Kevin Conners is known by many to be an advocate for the patient, a spiritual mentor, an author (of half a dozen books), and purveyor of hope. Claiming an empowering motto of ‘Always ask ‘WHY’!” Dr Conners has always been successful at pushing patients towards a fulfilled life. Never a source of false optimism, his compelling message of challenging the status quo and owning your own health by inquiring more with your own physician goes far beyond what most receive as advice from many similar sounding self-help gurus.

The latest book (as of Spring 2014) to come from Dr Conners’ finger tips is surrounding the brain, and all that is within it (literally.) Along with his colleague Dr Kelly Halderman (a former MD who gave up her Medical license to practice a more realistic, helpful form of healthcare), he explains what your typical practitioner doesn’t know (because they simply aren’t taught it in school) about brain issues, and how brain training can help. Quite an interesting read!